This special feature on 1320 WATR, Waterbury’s heritage AM station, became a station favorite for well over a decade.  Larry Rifkin, a baby boomer himself who was born and raised most of his life in Waterbury, started hosting the segment in 2002 sensing that those his age and older yearned to tell stories and reflect back on growing up in the city.  He would tell the audience that he would only continue the ‘Way Back Waterbury’ programming, done twice a year, if he felt that the interest for it remained strong.  He judged that by the phone calls.  And they never waned.  From the great old theaters, to restaurants, clothiers, music, and the vibrancy of the downtown and the city’s neighborhoods, it provided a refuge for people wanting to recreate the city’s glorious past through this special radio presentation.
Here are a few example of what it has sounded like over the years.




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